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Sending Videos:

If you wish to send us a video you can do so by posting to our Facebook page wall by using this guide: Click Here

You can also send us a video by uploading it to a video site such as Youtube , Hosting the file on Dropbox or and E-mailing the link to


Product Inquiries / Support:

If you would like to discuss a product or are not sure what product will suit your needs, please E-mail our sales team at


Request Video Removal:

If you would like to request a video be removed Please send an E-mail to with the following information:

  • Your Full Legal Name

  • Address and Contact Number

  • Link to Video

  • If you are the content owner

  • Any further details

All the above details must be provided in order for a video to be removed. This submission will become part of the public record of your request, along with your description of the videos that allegedly infringe your rights. All other information, including your full legal name and email address, are part of the full takedown notice, which may be provided to the uploader.

Media Inquiries

ALL media inquiries must be submitted to 

Please note we do not release details of video owners to media, we can pass on your details and leave it to them if they wish to speak with media.