Driver crashes head on into Dash Cammer and blames them - Melbourne - VIC

Date Posted:27 July 2017 

"Other driver listed me at fault on her claim. Only bought the camera from you guys 2 weeks before this and by not having to pay my excess it has already paid for itself 3 times over. First thing she says after getting out of the car was "There's normally nobody coming..."."
Thanks to Lachlan

Filmed on a Street Guardian SG9665XS





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Oh dear

By: on 4 September 2017
Yeah , strange how challenging a simple left or right turn has become . When I go walking I see so many people make rubbish turns ( no skill - illegal ) that it really scares me . How can there be so many dangerous drivers on the road ? Perhaps its time to up-skill drivers ? Simply pull their license and make them start from the beginning ( Learners Permit ) . When a large enough % can no longer turn left or right safely , then perhaps the alarm bells should be going off some where in Gooberment ! Seriously , cause an accident . Go back to the beginning . When you stop having accidents you can stop going to the beginning . It's time to start a " UP Skilling " campaign for bad drivers !

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