Driver turns across oncoming traffic and crashes - Earlwood NSW

Date Posted:25 September 2017 

Description: "Happened this morning in Earlwood (cnr Bexley rd & william street). Everyone seemed okay from the crash, only the red car driver had minor scratches on his hand. Driver in the red car was a red "P" platter but I still don't think he was at fault but again it is very hard to judge as he just appeared from no where. There was a child in Kia and was so lucky that the other car actually hit the rear axle and it took all the impact.

If it would have hit the rear door then it would have been a very serious injury to the child. Funny thing is the spare wheel from underneath the KIA broke loose and came flying over to the guy who was on a Vespa. He just missed it by inches. He was so lucky to escape from a serious injury. You can crop the video if you like as I was on the phone with a friend and he was worried thinking if I was involved in the accident. Sorry about the language as we were talking in native." Thanks to Utsav 


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