Near fatal head on at 100kph - Pacific Hwy - Tyndale, NSW

Date Posted:8 February 2017 

 "Still in shock from our near miss the week before Xmas. The Police have just released the footage back to us. All parties involved walked away, including my wife and I. I can certainly vouch for the safety standard of the Subaru WRX, may have been a different story otherwise. Other driver was charged but the Police would not elaborate. I can only assume either texting or a microsleep was to blame. Someone was certainly watching over us that day.

17 Dec 2016
Heading Northbound on Pacific Hwy - Tyndale, NSW (North of Grafton).
100 Km/h two way section of the Highway.
Please share this video and remind your family & friends of how important it is to stay alert on the roads, never play with your phone & rest when you start to feel tired... you just never know what's around the corner."

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