Station Wagon T Boned by Bus - Victoria

Date Posted:23 April 2017 

"Allegedly the driver towing the trailer said he had fallen asleep...the van driver seemed to have a sore neck and bus driver was shocked...not sure of any other injuries.
The bus driver was informed that the accident was recorded on dashcam and contact details were provided to him if they wanted/needed the footage."


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"fallen alseep" ? lol

By: on 26 April 2017
He didn't fall asleep.. he thought he could outrun the red light and then tried to swerve as he saw the bus and didn't want to get hit.. but he did get hit cause he's dumb and thought nothing bad would happen from his faggot actions of running a red light.

Fallen Asleep!

By: on 25 April 2017
Funny that the driver said he had fallen asleep. He was hanging onto his roof as he drove through the intersection, that is not something you do while you are sleeping!

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