Reviewing and Editing Dash Cam Footage

One of the best programs currently around for playing back dash cam footage is RegistratorViewer, It is a simple and feature packed program for reviewing and editing Dash cam footage on PC. It can be downloaded here:


RegistratorViewer has a built in feature which allows you to shorten videos and export them as their own clip. This can be achieved by:

  • Selecting the video file and pause at the point you would like your exported video to begin.
  • Select View/Timeline/Set selection start (A) in current position, this will flag the start point for your selection at the current playback point and the timeline will be highlighted in blue.
  • Then find the point where you would like the exported video to end.
  • This time select View/Timeline/Set selection end (B) in current position, the selected segment will now be highlighted in blue on the timeline.
  • Now Choose File/Save selected fragment, this will open the cut options where you can select how you would like to export the video segment, remove the audio track, remove the video and only export the audio track etc, click Start to export the desired segment.

Your edited video is now ready to be uploaded in original Quality!