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People can’t decide who is at fault in this roundabout accident – Ingleburn NSW


In this instance the Roundabout is deceiving, The Red vehicle attempts to turn left, not straight as it appears in the video. The straight ahead exit is actually around to the right more. This highlights the important of being aware of road markings and your position as the Red vehicle was found at fault for this incident.

The white line in the picture above shows the permitted exits the dash cam car can take while the red line shows the exits the red vehicle can take.

Driver falls asleep and rolls Landcruiser – M1 Queensland

“My dad was driving along M1 30kms north of Bellina Qld heading south when this 4wd rolls over median strip and 2 lanes towards my dad who would have been hit if he hadn’t swerved. Driver fell asleep at the wheel but had a roll bar so was uninjured and talking afterwards.
Thankfully no other cars were involved.” – Renee