Multi Safer Hardwire Kit

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  • Various modes ( stand-by mode / ACC mode ) supported
  • User selectable Voltage cut-off values
  • Applicable to all types of dash cameras
  • LEDs  Indicator for checking the voltage, timer and operation status
  • Short-circuit prevention program applied
  • Multi booting push-type switch
  • Facilitate up to 2 units of 4Ch devices with high capacity ( total 8Amp rated power )
  • Low power consumption:  Operation: 7-10 mAh, Stand-by: 1-2 mAh

Button switch LED:

ACC (switched) LED = red

BAT (non-switched/constant) LED = blue

NB! If you switch to acc while the car is turned off, it won’t allow you to switch back unless you start the car

1 review for Multi Safer Hardwire Kit

  1. Nathaniel A.

    This product is very good! Installed this on my X5, and perform very well. I highly recommend it!

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