Common Fixes:

Memory Cards:

Memory cards are on of the most common causes of problems related to Dash Cams, They can cause lots of funny glitches and issues when they are acting up also. Ideally you should Format the memory card in your camera on a monthly basis to keep it in best working order, Formatting the card will often solve smaller issues within a camera and is the best place to start. It is worth mentioning that Memory cards are a disposable item, they can only be recorded to so many times before they will eventually start having problems. Always use a high quality card with a class 10 rating where possible.

Firmware Updates:

Like any software updates are often released to improve reliability and fix bugs, Ensuring your camera is running the latest firmware is important, You can find links to each manufacturers firmware updates below.

Still having issues?

If you are still having issues after trying the above please contact with your order number, and a description of the fault and we will work with you on resolving it as quickly as possible.


Product manuals:

Street Guardian:

Street Guardian SG9665GC Quick Start Guide

Street Guardian SG9665GC User Manual 

Street Guardian SG9665XS User Manual

Street Guardian SGZC12SG Quick Start Guide

Street Guardian SGZC12SG User Manual

Street Guardian Firmware Updates


VicoVation user manuals and Firmware Updates


DOD Manuals and Firmware

Formatting a 64GB memory card for DOD


DR450 User Manual

Blackvue Firmware Updates


Software / Playback Applications:

RegistratorViewer for Windows

RegistratorViewer for Mac

Vico Player for Windows

DOD Player for Windows

DOD Player for Mac

Blackvue Player for Windows

Blackvue Player for Mac