Stolen car rampage caught on dash cam

Description: “On a recent trip around OZ we were unfortunate enough to have our Landcruiser stolen. Here is just some of the five odd hours of footage I got off my camera after it was recovered. Car has since been written off with over $47K damage.

As you can probably work out by the cops not chasing them, they were kids, hence the reason I deleted the audio, although it is funny to listen too. They did get three of the thirteen who were riding around in it. After getting it back I was able to patch it up so we could get our 3.5 tonne van back to Melbourne. We did get plenty of looks on the way with all the damage. The insurance company was considering repairing it until they saw a snippet of the 5 hours of footage. ”



Driver falls asleep at wheel and causes crash – Mt Burnett VIC

Description: “Pakenham Rd Mt Burnett, December 23rd 2018 which totally destroyed by much loved immaculately appointed and maintained Holden Commodore Storm utility. This accident was caused by the elderly female driver of a car which she herself lost control of after falling asleep at the wheel. She was subsequently prosecuted and convicted of careless driving on 18th February 2019 this resulted in a fine, suspension of her license for six months and its re-issue dependent upon a medical review. ”


Driver falls asleep and causes 4 vehicle crash

Description: “I was following a truck on my way work a few months ago. When a guy going the other way falls asleep, clips the truck & cleans me out. I then got rear ended buy another car. I was lucky not to get badly hurt. The driver of the red car had a few broken bones nothing serious. ”