Car pulls out across busy highway causing 5 car crash – Lynbrook Victoria

Description: “I was driving home from work on a Saturday night. Minding my own business doing 80km when someone pulls out straight in front of me. I didn’t even have time to brake (the way the dash cam is it makes you look like you have more time and space then you actually do) I did a 180. The person then went onto the other side of the road and took out 3 more cars (5 cars in total written off) Mine was the worst no one else needed hospital treatment. I’m screaming because I couldn’t get my door open and I was panicking as I thought it was smoke but all the dust from the airbag was in my car and I thought my car was going to burst into flames. I spent the night in hospital and took almost 2 months to recover from all the pain and serious bruises. ”


Driver runs red light and causes crash – Perth

Description: “Poor guy was watching the lights change in the distance and collected the car through the intersection. Corner of George St and Murray St in Perth. Everyone was a little shaken up but not injured. Footage has been passed to both parties. Sorry no swearing and the music was just the radio.” -Lee


Head on collision on Gold Coast Hwy. 18th Feb

“Head on collision on Gold Coast Hwy. 18th Feb, which was my birthday! 😢🥳.
We were travelling home north on GC Hwy at 1410hs, when a car travelling south in the opposite direction, crossed over the median strip! He was witness to even hit the far gutter before moving back towards the centre of the road. He attempted to cross back to the southbound lane but he was too slow and he hit us head on at approx 70kmh. We all walked away from this accident, which was a big shock to the QAS and QPS officers.
My partner was driving and I was in the front passenger seat, we both have seatbelt bruising and an airbag burn. My Mum in the back seat has a fractured rib from the seat belt. In the other car, they were bruised and the front passenger had a cut to her eyelid.
Filmed on the Garmin mini, which was a Christmas present, and worth its weight in gold.”